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Partnering with SEED
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The Consortium supports the development of waste management markets and the alignment of policy around green and inclusive development approaches to waste management solutions. It will provide greater accessibility of information to government and the public on the current status of employment (formal and informal) within waste management value chains as well as best practice examples of innovation. Additionally, the solution supports the drafting of policies for waste management to expand on initial governmental efforts to regulate the sector (largely through establishing City Council Waste Transfer Stations) and to ensure alignment with green and inclusive development agendas by supporting closed-loop and socially inclusive business development.


Partnering with Lake of Stars and Ripple Africa, Funded by The European Union

ICCM partnered with Lake of Stars to make it the cleanest festival yet! In the 5 days leading up to the festival, we conducted a community waste training program. With the help of the community group, and Mr Boda, a teacher from the Primary School, we built a recycling point out of recycled materials allowing the community to separate their waste so it can be recycled effectively and made into waste innovations. Finally, we held a community beach cleanup to introduce the new community waste ambassadors!



Partnering with Waste Aid, Funded by Corra Foundation

This 6 month study focuses on finding the best ways to build the capability of waste managers / champions in local communities, ensuring they reflect national strategies and policies. The report will identify groups, individuals, organisations, and private waste operators who are turning waste into commercial opportunity / income in both rural and urban areas. Its aim is to create a knowledge and information-sharing base within the waste sector resulting in more holistic waste management systems in the future.


Partnering with Waste Aid, Funded by Souter Fund UK

In line with our strategy to promote innovation in waste, we are training up 20 entrepreneurial women to be able to run their own business by turning waste into products they can sell. This, along with meetings to sensitise the community, is key to supporting the financial independence of these women.


Funded by Irish Aid

Mtandire has a fast growing population and no organised waste management system. We are training 20 'ambassadors' to manage a newly built hub, made from recycled materials where people can recycle and purchase products made from waste materials. The ambassadors will be trained in management, marketing and waste innovation, giving them the skills and resources to tackle waste in their community whilst also generating an income. A pilot is also testing whether bikes can be used to transport waste.

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