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ICCM's vision is to create a healthy, unpolluted environment for Malawians with sustainable ecosystems and lasting infrastructure. Our work is aimed at having a community that is aware, educated and engaged in issues surrounding waste management to promote behaviour change and closed loop waste management practices.

We will achieve this through : 

1. Education, upskilling & raising public awareness

2. Training key 'ambassadors' who can influence communities

3. Working with Government & local organisations for lasting change

4. Innovation to create commercial opportunities from waste



Architecting a better future

Malawi is a small, landlocked East Africa country with a population of just over 18 million. In 2019, the capital city Lilongwe, was producing approximately 250 metric tonnes of waste per day (Kamakanda, 2019). Alarmingly current waste collection services can handle only a small percentage of this (around 30%), Malawi lacks the capacity and resource to address the levels of waste generated.

There is a lack of understanding of what to do with waste and why to care. Uncollected waste in Malawi is often burnt which releases toxic gases and greenhouse gases which cause high levels of respiratory illness. It is also dumped into local water systems or onto farmland which results in severe disease outbreaks such as cholera and malaria, and creates environmental issues such as flooding. City councils have introduced a number of by-laws and policies to combat the situation but a lack of resource, funding and proper waste infrastructure means these are rarely enforced.

We are here to facilitate improvement in health and clean environments at rural and peri-urban communities in Malawi through schemes that reduce, reuse and recycle waste in a manner that provides social and economic improvements to their livelihoods. Our team is composed of well experienced individuals with backgrounds in architecture, permaculture and environmental design. We know Malawi is rich in natural resources (including waste) and want to share our knowledge of how to use this for commercial and environmental benefit.


We are proud to support 15 of the 17 United Nations Sustainability Development Goals. Our varying initiatives attempt to address the challenges that Malawian people face, particularly those related to poverty, environmental degradation & sustainable communities.

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Our team are based in the UK and Malawi

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ICCM Board Member

Regina is a Chief Energy Officer at the Ministry of Energy in Malawi with 17 years of experience working for the Malawi government. She has a Master's degree in Renewable Energy from the School of Renewable Energy in Thailand and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Renewable Energy at the University of Business and Applied Sciences of Malawi. Regina is a Commonwealth Fellow who spent a year at Loughborough University in the UK to develop a model for biogas dissemination and utilization in Malawi, with the goal of increasing access to simple, affordable, and reliable energy sources, especially for women. Regina is passionate about waste management and has learned from her time in the UK that good waste management should start at the household level to make handling and disposal easier.



ICCM Board Member

Dr. Jere is an Associate Professor in Fish Genetics and Breeding at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Malawi. His interest in ICCM is in waste management, utilization, including data collection and analysis. His research involves using wastes (like animal manure or kitchen waste) to generate more nutritious food like fry larvae for feeding fish brood stock. 

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UK Director and Founder

Nyomi trained as an architect up to Masters level specialising in sustainable construction and community participation. She is working with the Surrey Environment Partnership team to deliver compliant, environmentally friendly and cost effective waste management solutions across 11 Boroughs and Districts of Surrey, in the UK. She develops ICCM through her UK network and continual learning to improve lives through sustainable development and measurable project goals.


Malawi Executive Director

Patrick is a business entrepreneur and investor in media. He studied marketing at the Malawi University of Polytechnic. He joined ICCM as a trustee in 2017 and is committed to improving the environment of Malawi. He is keen to work with the team to excel the business strategy and individual skills.


Marketing and communication consultant

A travel and tourism expert, consulting for and managing festivals, events, workshops, film productions, waste management initiatives, and logistics. Sharmila is our Marketing and Communications Consultant, with over 20 years experience in the travel and tourism industry. She has served as a committee member with the Lilongwe Ecological Corridor Initiative led by the Lilongwe City Council and is passionate about raising awareness and implementing actions to mitigate climate change.



Social media and communications coordinator

Chancy is a student from Mwimba College of Agriculture and social media coordinator for ICCM, who enjoys playing music in his spare time. Chancy is focused towards communicating the environmental, social, and economic impact of managing waste efficiently.


Recycling officer

Mussah has an interest in sustainable waste management and is building capacity in several activities. He manages the ICCM waste and recycling runs for households and offices and additionally manages the recycling points at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre and Rosevine restaurant and café in Area 3.


Education coordinator

Alfred holds a Bachelors degree in Philosophy and Education. He has worked throughout East Africa as a lecturer, youth and street boys coordinator, and assistant accountant. Alfred is a climate change ICCM intern supported by the Malawi Scottish Partnership. He is currently working on promoting waste innovations to community waste hubs and schools in Lilongwe.

Fundraising and Support Volunteer

Kayleigh has over 10 years’ experience in administration and sales along with experience of running her own franchise for 3 years. She is originally from South Africa and is committed to working on impact projects. She has a wide range of skills and understands what SME's need to run efficiently. She assists ICCM in the UK where necessary, with a focus on communications, awareness building and fundraising.

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